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48-hour release: system by which Rooms have to be claimed or sold 48 hours (two days) beforeallocation: amount given For a particular purpose (hence Allocation Holder)availability chart: chart which Indicates the number of rooms that can be sold for a particular period

bill: piece of paper Which shows how much money you owe for godos and services; (US) a money notecalculate: find an answer By using numberscash: money in the Form of coins and notescheck out: pay your bill And leave a hotelcheck something through: examine Something written to see if it is correctcheque: special piece Of paper which you fill in to authorize a bank to pay from your account

comes to: equals (usually For money amounts)commission: money that you Get for selling something (usually a percentage)currency: money that a Particular country usesdeposit: sum of money Which is the first payment for something, with the rest of the money to be paid Laterdiscount: reduction in The usual Price of something (usually a percentage)Exchange rate: value of the Money of one country compared to that of anotherExpiry date: end of a period When you can use somethingFree sale agents: people or Organizations which sell rooms on behalf of a hotel, but without the need to Check if rooms are availableImprint: mark made by Pressing an object on a Surface (e.G the writing on a credit card when pressed On paper)Key card: card given to a Guest when they are given their key, when checking inNegotiates: arranges by Discussing with another person or groupReceipt: piece of paper That is given to show you have paid for somethingRoom rate: fixed amount Atwhich a room in a hotel is chargedSales outlet: any department In a hotel which sells things to guests (e.G shop, bar)Service charge: amount (usually A percentage) added to – for example- a restaurant bill to reward the Waiters/waitresses for their workTraveller´s cheque: a cheque that You can change into foreign money when you are travelling abroad.

Voucher: a piece of Paper exchanged for goods or services

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