The best way to measure motivation

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everybody knows that physical activity is essential for a healthy life.Then whi dont most people exercise enough? At first sight i suppose that doing exersise is one of the neccesary things in other words it can be said that doing exercise to improve the health of our bosy. ( from muy point of view i think that people dont do exercises beccause they are lazy as for that they dont like to get up early ,as they prefer to stay at home.Another of reasons can be the lack of interest because i feel that many people start to motivate,but sometimes the lack of results makes that ir losis its motivation. What is more doing exercise is boring and people prefer to play with the computer or to be with the movile ohone( to conlcude i agree with doing exercise because if you do exercise you wil be able to avoid the risk of obessity,apart from that you can keep yourself fit

should sports committes ensure that all competirors can afford the same equipment?At first sight i would like to say that sport is universal,unifyinf,efford ,competitive,achivement and friendship therefore rhe rules imposed by the sport comittes should be fair. ( to my mind the sport must be fair sport using the efford,the experience,and the braveness whic means leaving a part the new exoerience tecnhologies because ir would be unfair sport due to competitors dont have the same economical chances,if the responsable ones of the sport committes would establish tules, the sport would stop being it. ( to conclude i think sports committes should ensure that all competitors can afford the same equipment to avoid the unfairness among players.

travelling is just spendins days visiting magnificent art museums and churches. To start with i would like to say that travelling is one of the best things to enjoy our lifes.( in the first place i believe that travelling in an activity that is worth practising it to learn things like other cultures,customs and languages, in addition travelling opens your mind to improve your future. Broadly speaking it is said that travelling for many people is a necessity,and for others it is an option or a grear deside. ( to conclude i think that,in spite of visiting magnifitcent museums and chusches,travelling makes you happier,in other words ir can be said that if you travel,you will be

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