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Backward integration- assuming a function Previously provided by a supplier

  1. Bankruptcy-company gives up Management of the firm to the court

  2. Competitive Strategies-cost leadership, differentiation, and focus

  3. Concentric Diversification-growth into a related industry has strong competitive position

  4. Conglomerate Diversification-Diversifying into an industry unrelated to its current one

  5. Cooperative Strategies- direction Of the firm as a whole and the management of its business or product

  6. Corporate external Growth strategies- funds to purchase other companies

  7. Defensive tactics-takes place in the Firm’s own current market position as defense against rival

  8. Economies of Scale- cost falls as the Company benefits at a higher level

  9. Executive types and Corporate strategies- Dynamic industry expert, analytical, cautious, turnaround, Professional

  10. Feasibility of a Strategy-resources required to implement the strategy are available, can be developed or obtained

  11. Financial strategy- financial implication Of corporate and business-level strategic options/ the management of dividends

  12. Forward integration- assuming a function Previously provided by a distributor

  13. Functional strategy- corporate business Unit objective strategies by maximizing resource productivity

  14. Horizontal growth- expansion of Operations into other geographic Locations at the same point product and Service

  15. Horizontal integration- multiple geographic locations value chain

  16. International entry Strategies-Exporting, Licensing, Franchising, Joint Venture, Production sharing, build, operate, Transfer

  17. International Strategies- Partners, Function strategy

  18. Liquidation- Management Terminates the firm

  19. Loss-leader pricing-Selling a product at Or below cost value

  20. Market location Tactics- where the Company implements strategy

  21. Marketing strategy- pricing, selling, Distributing

  22. MNC- Developed International company with deep involvement throughout world

  23. Offensive tactics-takes place in an Established competitor’s market location

  24. Operations strategy-how and where the Product should be manufactured

  25. Penetration pricing-market development pioneer The opportunity to use curve to gain market share

  26. Procedures- details out Complete corporation’s program

  27. Programs- collection of Tactics, taken by an organization

  28. Pull strategy-advertising to pull Product through the distribution channels

  29. Purchasing strategy- Raw materials, Parts, and supplies- multiple, solo, parallel

  30. Push strategy- spending large Amount of money on trade promotion

  31. R&D strategy-deals with product And process innovation and improvement

  32. Reasons for Acquisition failures-simply Pay too much for the companies they acquire,Lack of strategic clarity,Poor integration planning and execution

  33. Six Sigma- Define, measure, Analyze, improve, establish

  34. Skim pricing- opportunity from The top of the demand curve with a high price

  35. Stability strategies- no change in the Company

  36. Strategic Implementation problems- Ineffective coordination, employees with insufficient capabilities, Uncontrollable environmental factors, implementation task and activities

  37. Strategy development- build team, market Research, contract, and supplier relation

  38. Strategy formulation- mission, SWOT, Level of corporate (levels of strategy)

  39. Strategy Implementation- sum total of all activities and choices required for the execution

  40. Strategy Implementation in large, multi-industry corporations- Everyone involve

  41. Synergy- exists for a divisional Corporation if the return on investment is greater the what the return

  42. Technological Follower- imitating the Product

  43. Technological leader-pioneering an Innovation

  44. Turnaround strategy- reverse from Declining to profitable

  45. Types of chief Executive officers- CEO,COO,CFO,CMO,CIO

  46. Vertical growth- by taking over a Function previously provided by a supplier or distributor

  47. Vertical integration-the degree to which A firm operates in multiple location On an industry’s value chain

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