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result of those activities that involve the provision of goods and services, in order to be available in the market to be used or consumed by tourists.
Concrete geographic area, enhancement of products ready to be used, inexhaustible natural resources.
Tourism attraction: material nd immaterial elements that transform as a touristic product.
Touristic heritage: natural resources and work create by men stimulate de desire of traveling.
Tourism resources: everything that is susceptible to use by tourism
visitors centre: group of facilities: equipment, companies or bussinesses and persons that provide services to the tourists.
tourism equipment: is thhe main elements of the definition of modern tourist activity, facility the supply but can be motivation of travelling.
Tourism infraestuctures: buildings nd services enable the social economic debelopment of the counry nd use to the tourism to boost its activity.
Complementary services: do not depend on the tourism sector, but are use by tourist.

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