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The casa batllo is a work of the architect A.G, the maximum 

representative of the catalan modernism. It is result of an 
integral remodeling of a previously existing building on the site
It is located in bcn at number 43 pass de gracia. On the first floor
of the casa Batllo a large study-stone balcony reveals the elegant noble floor, while the other floors show balconies shaped like masksAnd on the summit, there's a flaked ceramic skin and tower led by a four-armed cross. 

In the interior, we find the noble floor, the ceramic patio light,  the double attics born from a sequence of catenary arches and the roof with chimneys covered in colors.The work is an explosion of creative freedom where there is no lack,either, of gaudi's effort to make a functional and modern house. It is an essential visit able to amaze and surprise its visitos the throughout entire journey.

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