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María Rosa Garcia Garcia was born on January 15, 1978 on the Island of San Fernando (Cádiz).      She is known as La Niña Pastori, she is a Spanish flamenco Singer.Her parents are a pastora a gypsy-type cantaora, and Jose, Who is military.     When she was four years, she accompanied to his mother, to The showing in San Fernando, Her mother was known as "Pastori de la Isla", that's why it's called Niña Pastori.          When she was eight years old, she began to follow in his Mother's footsteps and sing            She was twelve years old, when the singer Camarón de la Isla Was presented at the theater of Andalucía de Cádiz.She was discovered by Alejandro Sanz who went to see her in San Fernando and helped her boost her career.       In 1995 he released his first single "Tú me Camelas", he has released numerous albums.     She has won several awards including four Grammis.        She married in 2002 with Julio Jiménez known as Chaboli, he Is the son of Jeros, the middle of the Chichos.    Its last disc is called Under your wings, she removed the Disc in 2018 and now she continues with tour.        At present, she lives in her hometown with her husband and Two daughters, Pastora and María.

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