The main stages of cold war.

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The Modernist period was created as an attempt to forget and break with all Traditional way of thinking stablished in the past. This time helped people to Forget about previous theories such as “romanticism”. While romanticism was Based on “nature”, Modernism wanted to base his argument on inner self and consciousness. There were many thinks which affected this period, like the Great War.  Modernism wanted to show the decay and material Way of thinking of people. With the previous movements, people were used to Think only about money and success, but this new movement wanted to break with All stablished previously. The industrial society was seen as capitalist and Impersonal.  Psychology was another Interesting figure presented during the modernist period. The main reason why They started with these new idea was because they thought that institutions Were hurting them. They finally decided to believe in themselves and in their Own minds to achieve or solve their problems. Virginia woolf  ( mrs Dalloway) and Ezra Pound belonged to This movement.  

Theatre of Absurd started in France during the 1950s. One of the most important works is Samuel Becket’s “Waiting for Godot”. This work clearly shows how this kind of Theatre was. Waiting for Godot is a novel were the protagonist spends lot of Time waiting for someone he doesn’t know but which he has the evidence he is Going to arrive. The novel ends in a really ridicule way, because finally Nobody comes to meet the protagonist. That plot clearly resembles the ideas of The “Absurd theatre”, which showed how meaningful life is.

G.B.Shaw Was a person who helped the popular theatre become more important. In his Works, Shaw wanted to make the people think, for that reason he became really Influent. He was interested in writing about social and everyday issues, which Combined with irony and humor. In that sense he was similar to Jane Austen, who Used a double plot in her novels (strong argument combined with humor).  He normally wrote about familiar and common Forms , but sometimes he even used some kind of hero or villain in his Writings. Discussions about convictions made his drama even more important. That was a key point in his career, because from this moment he became much More important than he was.

Men Domination over women:  The whole plot of The novel shows how men dominated women in many different senses.  One of them is when Alec made an abuse Against Tess, which is one of the main important scenes of the novel.  The whole novel develops with the sense that Women are completely in love with men, but with the feeling that men did not Realize about this situation. This is a kind of sexist behavior from the Author. Another point to exemplify this domination is when Angel calls Tess Names like “Daughther of Nature”, maybe because he refused the real image Tess Gives and trying to transform it in a nicer or better one. Finally, at the end Of the novel, we can see how Tess murdered Alec, being this act a radical Change in common novels of the time. There is a huge controversy when it Happened, while if it had been the other way around, there hadn’t been such Controversy.

Blake songs Of innocence and experience:  were a work Made to show the social injustices of that particular time. The place where he Lived helped him have an illustration on the environment, and many people Living near him was suffering the consequences of this life. He was living During a really hard period, which was the Britain’s war, and he showed how Disgusted he was with society with “the songs of innocence and experience”.  He was worried with the philosophical and Religious beliefs, which were present in his life.As long as you got older, you Lose your innocence and you begin  being Responsible of your acts. You are then the voice of the experience. There’s a Process from the innocence to the experience.

WWI:  WWI allowed poets represent and show how Difficult had those years been for them.  Poets were really impressed by this new form of war, which was really Hard and dangerous. The saw a new way of war.  They said that when they were fighting at the War, they didn’t consider themselves as humans, because of the hard conditions Being there.  Times have changed a lot, And now wars are much more technological and destructive.  They were writing their experiences at the Front, every single image they could remember and all events happening there, Because what they were doing there was writing personal experiences of the war. It was an illustration of the difficult times they had in the war. 

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