The main stages of cold war.

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  1. Name the causes of the Protestant Reformation.Low clergy´s lack of training, bad example set by the high clergy, the Church´s wealth, the buying and selling of ecclesiastical positions and the sale of indulgences.

Who were the most notable reformers?Luther, Zwingli, Calvin and Henry VIII.

What is the Diet of Worms?General assembly of the Holy Roman Empire, held in Worms (Germany).

  1. Consequences of the Peace of Augsburg. When it happened?The emperor granted the protestant princes religious freedom.

  1. What was the War of the Three Kingdoms?A series of conflicts among Catholics, Anglicans and Puritans in England, Scotland and Ireland.

  1. What is the Schmalkaldic League?A league formed by the German protestant princes, with the support of France, created to confront the emperor.

Explain what happened in the Battle of Mühlberg. In 1547, Carlos V defeat the Schmalkaldik league.

  1. Name beliefs of the Lutheran Reformation.Clarification of their teachings, internal reform and repression of the Protestantism.

  1. Main beliefs of the Lutheran Reformation. Free interpretation of the Bible, rejection of the veneration of Virgin Mary, Saints and Holy Relics and the sacraments, opposition to the Church owning properties and salvation only depends on faith and God´s will

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