The main stages of cold war.

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But Franz was the heir of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, so they asked for an explanation. Serbia didn’t fulfill Austria’s demand therefore on July 28 they declared war to Serbia. In response to that, the Russian Empire mobilized its troops to protect the Serbians. Because of the Dual Alliance Treaty, Germany responded to Russia’s mobilization by declaring war to them on August 1. And on August 3 it declared war on France too, because it had an alliance with Russia. In order for Germany to attack France, it had to go through Belgium, which was protected by the UK in the Treaty of London. So on August 4 when Germany invaded Belgium, the British declared war to Germany. 

In 1917, the United Stated declared war on Germany. It was also the year of the fall of the Russian Empire and the new Bolshevik government didn’t want to participle in the war, so they signed a peace treaty (Brest-Litovks).

The war ended in favor of the Triple Entente on November 1918. The Paris Peace Conference in 1919-20 was a meeting to set the Peace terms between the victorious Allied Powers and the defeated Central Powers. The main result of this conference was the Treaty of Versailles, where They declared that Germany had the entire war guilt, so they had to pay for Reparations to the winner countries. They also limited Germany’s army to 100.000 men and no heavy military arms. They forbid them to any kinds of merges With Austria. Stripped down their territory and took their colonies. And the Major event was the creation of the League of Nations. All of these facts led To a major redrawing of the map of Europe. Later on, some people believe that These harsh terms on Germany led to World War II.

New states were created after the end of the War, such as Poland, Yugoslavia and the ones that made the Austro-Hungarian and German empires.

Meanwhile, in Arabia and Asia the colonies Slowly began to gain independence from the European empires. 

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