What does lord henry say to dorian about the death of sibyl vane

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Basil Hallwar is the artist.He is Dorian's best friend until other person(Lord)arrived.Basil is a patient person.He feel a high attraction and admiration fot the teenager.Basil is very happy when he is with Dorian.At the end,he is killed for Dorian because he had a fit.Basil was a cold person.He desappears in some moment but he was at important moments

Sybil Vane was a young actress.She was very pretty and attractive girl.Furthermore,Sybil Vane was very sensitive and nice.She was in love with Dorian.When Dorian appeared in her life she was very excited and they were going to get married but one day all changed and se killed herself
I really like the book.In mi view,is very entertaining and interesting.In mi opinion,it is clear that this book teaches you to have some values in life and it tries to explain that beauty is not everything.Besides,this book seems a criticism to society,to the obsession with beauty.Dorian is a character that represents the reality of today's young people who become obsessed with beauty and the become selfish.I don't agree with that,I think there are more important things in life than beauty.It seems to me that Oscar Wilde tries to explain whith this work is that we are capable of losing our soul for a brilliant body

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