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LORD ARTHUR SAVILE'S CRIME: A palm reader (MR. Podgers) read Lord Arthur Savile's hand and he went pale: Lord Arthur would comit a murder. Lord Arthur was horrified but then, he took what Mr. Podgers sais as a duty to be able to marry Sybil and he postponed the marriage. So he decided to make a list of his posible victims. He would comit the murder ASAP to be able to marry Sybil. He tried to kill Lady Clementina with a pill filled with poison but then they discovered that Lady Clementina had died a natural death (they found the box where there was the pill and it was still there). And he told Sybil to postpone the marriage one more time. He tried to blow up his uncle with a clock (his uncle really loved clocks), and Lord Artur send him an explosive clock but it didn't work. The Fate wasn't Fate to him. But then, he saw Mr. Podgers by the river and Lord Arthur drowned him in the river. The following days he was afraid of failure but finally came the news that talked about Mr. Podger's suicide. Then he felt relieved and he married Sybil. They wew a happy couple but later he discovered Mr. Podgers was an impostor who didn't tell the truth at all.

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