A laminar boundary layer is a layer

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Prawn Cocktail: Scoop the mayonnaise into a soup plate/ Add a few dashes of Worcester sauce/ Add the brandy/ Add the double cream/ Add The lemon juice and blend using a service spoon/ Add the tomato ketchup unitl a Light pink colour is achived/ add the season shrimps and toss in the sauce Until coated/ Place the chiffonade of lettuce into the bottom of the Coupes/Carefully cover the chiffonade with the prepared shrimp/ Dust with Cayenne pepper/Serve on a doileyed plate with a teaspoon, fish fork, lemon Wedge and Brown bread and butter.

Crepes Suzzete: cover the center of the suzette pan with A layer of sugar and allow it to caramelize/ when Golden Brown, add the butter/ Mix well using the lemon wedge on the end of the fork. The lemon adds flavour And it prevents the pan from being scratched. / Add the orange juice/ Add the Lemon juice/ Mix well with the end of the lemon/ Add the sugar cubes and allow The cubes to soften in the líquid befor crushing them with the end of the Lemon/ Turn down the flame and, without flaming, add the grand marnier/ Blend The líquids together and allow the saue to reduce. When the sauce becomes Transparent it si ready/ Roll the pancakes singly on to a service fork. Unroll Them into the pan/ Turn the pancakes over the ensure that they are coated with The sauce/ Fold the pancakes into quarters and arrange them nearly in the Center of the pan/ add the brandy  and Flame, sprinkle with castor sugar, while flaming for effer/ the finished dish

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