A laminar boundary layer is a layer

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1. Where does the sun converts matter into energy? Nuclear fusion

2. What is nuclear fusion? What are the most common element used? What happens in terms of energy? Hydrogen & helium

3. How does energy move in the radiation zone?Movesoutward as electromagneticradiation

4. What happens with the magnetic field of the sun’s corona?

5. Where are auroras frequently seen? In the poles

6. What are 3 examples of a solar eruption? Prominences, solar Flares & coronal mass ejection

7. How long is the sunspots cycle? 11 years

8. How does strong magnetic fields of the sun leads to sunspots? Sunspots Are caused by very strong magnetic fields

9. What is the equation for the Theory of Relativity? What does Each letter represent? E=mc2

10. What is the hottest layer of the sun’s atmosphere? The core

11. How is energy produced in the sun’s core? Nuclear fusion, converts hydrogen atoms Into helium

12. What is the approximate temperature of the sun’s core? 27.000.000 f`

13. What elements is the sun mostly made up of? Gasses

14. List the layers of the sun’s atmosphere.: core, radiative zone, Convective zone,

15. What is coronal mass ejection?Release of plasma from the corona

16. How did  Einstein’s Equation helps scientists understand the sun’s energy?

17. What is a spectrograph? Record spectra

18. How does the sun’s radiative zone compare with the convective Zone? Only the top 30% of the Sun radius is the Convective zone. The Sun's core is about 25% of the total radius, and the Radiative zone extends from 30% to 70% of the Sun's radius.

19. What is a prominence on the sun? Large, bright feature extending outward from theSun's surface

20. What happens during nuclear fusion?Atomic nucleicome very Close and then collide at a very high speed

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