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I traveled there by plane, from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria airport to Barcelona, when we arrived in Barcelona we picked up our luggage and was not waiting for a bus outside the airport to take us to the port to take the boat. The cruise was from March 13 to March 20. The accommodation was the boat in cabin 8038. The places you visit are on the map that I put before this and placed in the order that I do it and now I will tell you what I saw in each place and food.
The first destination that arrived was to Palma de Mallorca, where I visited; Panoramic views, Bellver Castle, Santa Maria Cathedral, Bullring, Pearl shop, Shoreline breakwater, Almudaina Palace. Transfer by bus to breakwater; The rest of the tour takes place on foot. Monuments and palaces were visited outside. The typical food and ate was La sobrasada mallorquina.
The second destination was in navigation because it was a long journey from Palma de Mallorca to Italy.
The third destination that arrived was Civitavecchia, where I visited; Aurelio Saffi Square and the Church of Prayer, Leandra Square and the Star Church, City Market, Traiano y Gueto Theater,Mariana, Rome Center, Vatican City, Colosseum, Lake Bracciano, etc. Some were transferred by bus and others by foot. The typical food and I ate was PIZZA CUBIERTA DE CIVITAVECCHIA.
The fourth destination that arrived was Spezia, where I visited; Florence Center, Ferrari Museum, Sarzana, Passeggiata Morin, Corso Cavour, Piazza Beverini, Church of Saint Mary of the Assumption, St. George's Castle, Pisa Cathedral, Baptistery, etc. Some were transferred by bus and
others by foot. The typical food and I ate was seafood pizza.
The fifth destination that arrived was Savona, where I visited; Old port, historic center, Casa de Colón, Genoa, Monaco capital, Monte Carlo casino, Aquarium of Genoa, Bigo, Noli, etc. Some were transferred by bus and others by foot. The typical food.
The sixth destination I arrived was Marseille, where I visited; Old Port, Fort of San Juan, Basilica of Our Lady of the Guard, promenade, etc. Some were transferred by bus and others by foot. Typical food and I ate La Bouillabaisse.
And the first and last destination was in the center of Barcelona, and the last day before returning is included in the trip we went to eat at HARD ROCK of the Ramblas of Barcelona, and so was this wonderful trip that I would repeat a thousand times more .

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