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The technology is the Techniques (knowledge) that includes methods, materials, tools, and ways for Solving a problem. The technology is present when the humans try to build Something to make easier his life. But, is the technology good or bad?

On the one hand, the Technology helps so much for the problems day after day, if the technology didn’t advance, we couldn’t advance in many things, for example: medicines, building, electronic, Music, science, astronomy, communication, Robotic, food and more. The technology is present in the life and thanks to This, you can life better than centuries ago.

On the other hand,the bad Use of the technology makes problems for the planet and the humans. For Example, the increments of CO2, the species extinction, the deforestation, the Increase of waste and pollution and the expenditure of all resources. Also, the Technology makes the autodestruction: the weapons, atomic bombs and biochemical Weapons.

In my opinion, the Technology is good if we use appropriately. We can use the technology to solve The problems that we made and to avoid creating conflicts and wars. If we will Continue using the technology for bad, we can auto-destroy, and it isnt good. The technology is for advance, not to Retreat.

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