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1->no sense  1: unapprochable 2: ran away 3: staff 4: presumed 5: pushy 6: knowledge 7: switched 8: privilege 9: devoted. 2-> words italics  1: lazy 2: boss 3: working 4: decisions 5: happy 6: starting 7: panic 8: hate 3-> combine the sentences 1: her car, which was destroyed in an accident, was brand-new. 2: They got married in the spring, when the flowers were blooming. 3: here is the garage where i usually take my car. 4: do you like my watch which Sam bought? 5: jake is a photographer that works for national geographic. 6: Lucy, whose parents are actors, wants to be an actor too. 4-> both forms  1: there are some candidates who i haven't met with yet. There are some candidates whith whom i haven't met yet. 2: i finally completed the assignment that i had been working on all year. I finally completed the assignment on which i had been working all year. 5-> relative pronouns(texto)  1: that 2: where 3: when 4: which 5: where 6: whose

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