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The person Who I am going to talk about, has always been part of my life. Since I was Born, a sunny 20th of March, twenty one years ago, he has meant the positive side of my life whenever I can remember. His name is Tomas and he is my Mother´s brother, (or in other words his is my uncle)

His physical characteristics, which are short, dark skin and Sportive man, can sometimes transmit that he is a strict person. But, actually,  When you spend time with him, his Friendly green eyes make you feel comfortable. Regarding his age, he is a man At the beginning of his fifties who has lost his brown hair over the years.

Tomas is a hard-working and dinamic person who has clearly Defined ideas, therefore, many times he wants to convice you. In fact, he is so Determined that sometimes he seems to be a stubborn guy. Moreover, he is the Most intelligent person I have ever met. That´s why nowadays he leads an Important programme into the sport department of Community of Madrid.

From my experience, my uncle Tomas is a reliable person, who Is always prepared to extend a helping hand if you need. He always brings out The best side of people. Besides, and finally, he is an important person in my Life, giving me a fundamental support everyday. 

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