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Nowadays, alternatives and traditional medicine are a relief because,medicine has evolved a lot, maybe too much. It provides treatment to a certain part of the population that require its services. In my opinion, it's a great ally and complement to the therapies we offer. In this essay I will outline reasons for this opinion drawing on relevant examples from the field of nursing.Alternative medicine is one that is apart from the rest because it uses drugs to an end for the patient, are natural remedies. In my opinion, this has good parts and some bad as such, it is an experience for the patient and for the nurse who makes and receives this type of treatment. The positive parts that I think has these treatments such as Reiki acupuncture and other types of alternative medicine is that it brings a different vision of the disease the patient and the nurse who performs own techniques. I think that patients live a very positive experience.However, Ido not quite agree with these techniques for these reasons: I think it is a drug that is not real, no science behind, and so far has not produced any unfortunately, but if happen. Another issue that I see very negative is the issue of the legality of these techniques. Before, there was no regulation of such practices, simply in the hospital were alternative therapy was banned, but there was no regulation, since last year, in Barcelona, ​​all university studies related to alternative therapies were banned.For the reasons above, I think that alternative therapies have no space to supply modern medicine, investigate and maybe when there science behind if you could consider an alternative therapy, but I think now more than something extra without legality

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