International relation

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+three main heritage:

Common: derived English

Code: derives roman

Islamic: the basis

+When international: jurisdictional

+when things:

Arbitration: this procedure

Conciliation: also know

Litigation: through

+what is IM research:


+why IM so complex:

Information must

+a cuntrys:

Economic: general

Cultural: a general

Overview: a detailed

Summary: a summary

Competitive: a review

+ the research

Defining: the major


The cost and: these are


Analyze: once data

Effectively: analyses

+what are sales P:



Public relations

+whether a company

Phase1: a critical

Phase2: more detailed

Phase3: at this stage

Phase4:a ¨go¨

+a company:

This entry: exporting

+contractual agreements/

Patents rights:

This strategy: licensing

+it is a rapidly:

This strat: franchising

+a strategic IA/

This entry strategy/

The type of: joint venture

+in this entry/

Two unique charac:


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