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Nowadays, young people do more sport than in the past, But we eat less healthy food than a few years ago. As time goes by, older People practice less exercise. It is very common to eat five times a day, as People used to do it before, but teenagers usually go to eat fast food outside At the weekends./Firstly, American people usually eat more fast food than Spanish people. According to a survey, at least 1 in 4 people eat some kind of Fast food every day. Contrary to expectations, American people eat the same Quantity of food as in Spain. But, American do not eat five times a day. They Have breakfast, lunch and the main meal around six o’clock, which is the Dinner. Secondly, American people eat less fish than in Spain because they do Not have enough places to fish. Thirdly, although American people eat a lot Vegetables and fruit, they eat a lot potatoes and corn, which have a lot of fat If you fry them. Regarding with sports, on the one hand, American people do the Same quantity of sport as Spanish people. On the other hand, they have to go by Car or by bus to study or to work, unlike Spanish people usually go on foot. In Spite of older people in both countries do less sport, young people do a lot./ To Sum up, these days both countries are very similar with regard to food because Young Spanish people eat more fast food than before. In relation to sport, Young Spanish people walk more than American. In my opinion, I think that Spanish people have good health, but we cannot get sloppy with our good habits And we must go to the doctor to a medical checkup every year. Last, but not Least, remember the latin quotation: Mens Sana in corpore sano. This means, if we do some sport every day and we eat Five times a day, we will have a good and healthy mind.

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