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1. Ammeter (Ampermeter):  Measures current

2. Frequency counter: Measures the frequency of the current

3. Leakage tester: Measures leakage across the plates of a capacitor

4. LCR meter: Measures the inductance, capacitance and resistance of a component

5. Microwave power meter: Measures power at microwave frequencies

6. Multimeter: General purpose instrument measures voltage, current and resistance (and sometimes other quantities as well)

7. Ohmmeter: Measures the resistance of a component

8. Oscilloscope: Displays waveform of a signal, allows measurement of frequency, timing, peak excursion, offset, etc.

9. Signal generator: Generates signals for testing purposes

10. Spectrum analyzer: Displays frequency spectrum

11. Wattmeter:  Measures the power

12. Vectorscope: Displays the phase of the colors in color TV

13. Video signal generator: Generates video signal for testing purposes

14. Voltmeter: Measures the potential difference between two points in a circuit. (Includes: DVM and VTVM)

15. VU meter: Measures the level of AF signals in Volume units

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