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PR.S ------------------------------------PS.S

He asked me, are you busy tonight?--He asked me if i was busy that night
Dan is living in San Francisco" she said--She said Dan was living in S.F
Greg said "i didn't go to work yestd"--Greg said that he hadn't gone day befr
I was working late last night, Vi said--Vi told me she had been working 
PR.PRF.SIM----------------------------PAST PER.SIM
Heather said, "I've already eaten"--Heath. Told me that she had already eaten
I've been studying English for two years" he said--He said he'd been studying English for two years
PS.PRF.SIM---------------------------PAST.PRF.SIM (NO CAMBIA)
PAST PR. CONT----------------------PAST PERF CONT (NO CAMBIA)

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