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29 milenium

                                            Square miro
                                           8th february 2017
Custom service manager
Footlocker nike boutique
II roca del valles

Dear mr dre/ to who it may concern
I am writing to express my concern about dificulty of finding my size of shoes. To go to your shop,I have to drive my car and move twenty km,  and there are not clothes for kida. However me and the other parents would like to suggest two solutions.
First of all, you could arrange the shop to stay open at sundays. Many parents have sunday off and they can go the shop.
Secondly you could have shoes of the sige 48, and you could have a section for children. If the shop has this, you would make so much money.
We would be grateful if you could consider our sugestion at the next opening. Please let us know what you think
I look forward to leaving you
Your sincerely

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