The induced angle of attack is the result of()

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Vascular dis.--- atherosclerosis is characterized by fat, fibrin, cellular debris, and calcium on inside of arterial walls,,this material called plaque, narrows lumen and reduces elasticity of vessel.If the plaque raptures a thrombus can form and grow so it closes off artery-result is heart attack,,, Hypertension(high blood pressure)-arterial walls are hard and thick and their elasticity reduced heart is forced to pump harder,,,, Heart dis---myocardial infarction(heart attack)--coronary arteries can get narrowed by buildup of plaque, coronary artery becomes obstructed resulting in blockade of oxygen,,,, murmur---abnormal unusual heart sound-valve problems....1.Sinoatrial node2.Impulses3.Artioventricular node 4 bundle of his 5 purkynie fibres

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