Income from the forest

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Remarkableland and water

-Great Rift Valley: unique feature
-Highest point: Mountain Rilimanjaro
-Largest lake: Lake Victoria(support plants,animals and human life)
-Rivers: the Nile, the zambezi, the Orange and the Limpopo
(serve as transportation network)
-Desets: Sahara,Nubian;kalahari;Namib(fallest sand dunes)
Patterns of ecosystem
-This region lie on both sides of the Equator
-Areas net the Equator are less hot and wet
-Savanna: one of most important ecosystems
-Woodlands  and forest(both sides equator)  gorillas,leopards and birds
-Poaching or ilegal hunting: still problem Kenya and others set up national park
-Madagascar, South africa,kenya trying to grow forest

Riches form the land

-Southern africa Has minerals and one resources;also productive farming


-Regions resources: Precious stones or metals. Diamond,gold,platinum,copper,tin,iron and uranium.

-World leading Producer of gold,platinum and chonium,

-However have lost Their lives in accidents. Mining also hurt pollution environment.


-Sudan,Ethiopia,Samalia And Namibia struggle to grow their crops because the regions

are dry. Farmer Irrigated their land and grow cotton,tabacco and tea.

-Commercials Farmers or plantations grow sugarcane,cotton and tropical fruits

-Coffee is Ethiopia Most important export.

Challenges of the environment

-water lack of Water leads to shortage of food

Sudan and Ethiopia Receive more food aid.

Many rivers provide A benefit to some countries.Dams built in Uganda take water away from Sudan.


-Mosquito carries malaria

-disease carried by Water cholera and river blindness killed many africans.

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