Income from the forest

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  • 12 Payback period= in ivest/net cash
  • accounting rate of return= Ave a o income(net cash-an depre exp/ initial ivest 
  • an depre ex=(cost of as -Residual value)/use life        NPV=0
  • Present value of the investment’s net cash inflows-  Initial investment = 0

  • initial ivest  / amount of each equal net cash iflw=Annuity PV factor

  • f IRR exceeds the required rate of return ivest, less not

  • 11price var=AQ(ap-sp)  qua var=sp(aq-sqa)    rate var=AH(ar-sr)   effic=sr(ah-sh)

  • fixed overhead =Actual fixed overhead  -

  • Budgeted fixed overhead =Actual fixed overhead -Budgeted fixed overhead(sha*sr)

  • 10ROI= opeate income / total asset , sale margin=opear imcome/ sales; capital tunover=sale/total asset.  Sales Margin  =Capital Turnover  *ROI

  • RI  =Operating income * Minimum acceptable income(target rate of return *total asset)

  • Cash Deposited =Amount Charged on Credit Card -Transaction Fee

      If company is a price-taker for the product Emphasize a target costing approach

  • 88If expected increase in revenues exceeds expected increase in variable and fixed costs accpt or less not

  • ;If company is a price-setter for the productEmphasize a cost-plus pricing approach

  • If total cost savings exceed the lost revenues from discontinuing a product, department, or store or not. 777contrabution margin radio=contrabution margin per unit(contrabution margin)/sale price per unit(sale r);  sale unit= (fix expen+opera income)/CM per unit)

  • sale in $=(f+o)/CM ratio  sale price-v cost=CM ;Margin of safety=Expected sales  -Breakeven sales;  operating leverage factor =CM/OI

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