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The volume or water flow is the amount of water flowing in a river. It is measured in cubic metres (metros cúbicos).

The amount depends on various factors:

PHYSICAL FACTORS: -Climate regulates the amount of rain and the way it falls.

-The gradient of relief and the permeability of the ground affect the flow of rivers.

-Vegetation also intervenes since it slows down the speed of the water.

HUMAN FACTORS: -Rivers that flow trought cities lose volume because the inhabitants consume the water.

-Rivers wich have agricultural and farming activities in their basins also lose volume.

-Reservois also have a rolote to play in the volume of a river.


The river regime is how the volume rises and falls throughout the year.

PLUVIAL REGIME: Their waters come mainly from rain, wich is why their volume increases when it rains a lot.

NIVAL REGIME: The amount of water the river carries depend on the melting snow.

MIXED REGIME: This is a combination of both pluvial and nival regimes. For part of the year, the volume changes because of the rain and for the other part because of melting of snow and ice. 

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