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workship- show adoration (adorar)

infatued - having a very strong but not usually lasting felling love or attraction for someone (encapritxat bojament)
round the clook - lasting the entire 24 hours  (les 24h del dia)
attendance - being present at a place (assistencia)
cheer - shout and give support (animar)
hook up - be linked to alectronic equipment (estar enganxat)
host - receive guests ( amfitrió)
take over - take charge (apoderarse)
upsetting - disturb stability (angoixant)
source - origin (font)
demanding - requiring much effort (exigent)
tough - hard (dificil)
weird - unnatural and strange (estrany)
set up- start a business or institution (començar)
no wonder - it's not surprising (no es d'extranyar)
broadcast - transmit (emetre)
once in a while - ocassionally ( de tant en tant)
out of a date - old fashioned (passat de moda)
reliable - able to be trusted (fiable)
faulty - not working correctly (defectuós)
device - a mechanical or electronic equipment (aparell)
come up with - have an idea or plan (acudir-se)
screensaver - image activated when there's no activity (estalvi de pantalla)
wallpaper-background pattern or picture in a computer screen(fonsdepa..)
cutting edge - the latest or most advanced (ultima generació)
refund - pay back to a customer who isn't satisfied (reembolsar)
insurance -  a company that provides protection (assegurança)

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