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      4. Managing The Marketing Effort

Managing the marketing process requires the four Marketing management functions:

4.1.Marketing Analysis

Begins with a complete analysis of the company’s situation. The marketer should conduct a SWOT analysis.

-Strengths: Internal capabilities, resources, And positive situational factors that may help the company serve its customers And achieve its objectives.

-Weaknesses: Internal limitations and negative Situational factors that may interfere with the company’s performance.

-Opportunities: Favourable factors or trends in The external environment that the company may be able to exploit to its Advantage.

-Threats: Unfavourable external factors or trends that May present challenges to performance.

4.2.Marketing Planning

The company decides what it wants to do with Each business unit. It involves choosing marketing strategies that will help The company attain its overall strategic objectives. A detailed marketing plan Is needed for each business, product or brand. The plan begin with an executive Summary that quickly reviews major assessments, goals, and recommendations. A Marketing strategy consists of specific strategies for target markets, Positioning, the market mix, and marketing expenditure levels. The planer Explains how each strategy responds to the threats, opportunities and critical Issues explained in the plan. The last section outlines the controls that will be Used to monitor progress, measure return on marketing investment, and take Corrective action.

4.3.Marketing Implementation

It is the process that turns marketing plans Into marketing actions to accomplish strategic marketing objectives. Marketing Planning addresses the what and why of marketing activities, implementation Addresses the who, where, when and how. Doing things right and doing right Things are critical to success, and companies can gain competitive advantages Through effective implementation.

4.4.Marketing Department Organization

If the company is very small only one person do All the research, selling, advertising… As the company expands, the marketing Department expands. Large companies contains many specialists in marketing. Many companies have created de CMO (Chief Marketing Officer), who heads up the Company’s entire marketing.

-Functional organization: different marketing activities are Headed by a functional specialist. Research manager, customer manager…

-Geographic organization: sales and marketing people are Assigned to specific countries, regions…

Product management organizations: for companies with many different Products or brands. A specific marketing manager for specific product or brand.

Market or customer management Organization: for Companies that sell one product line to many different type of markets and Customers who have different needs.

4.5.Marketing Control

Evaluating the results of marketing strategies And plans and taking corrective action to ensure thet the objectives are Attained. 4 steps:

       · 1st: Set specific marketing goals.

       · 2nd: Measure its performance in the marketplace.

    · 3rd: Evaluate the causes of any differences between expected and actual performance.

     · 4th: Take corrective action to close the gaps between goals and performances.

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