How do we know the homo sapiens did interbreed with homo neandrethalensis, homo erectus, and homo floriensis before their species all died out?

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Darwinism: individuals make up population of living things Variety of differences. More individuals in each species than the number that Reach reproductive age. Competition between individuals struggle for existence. Individuals whose characteristics help their survival in environment are Favored(natural selection). Surviving individuals reproduce more favorable Characteristics are transmitted. 

Origin of new Species: Production of evolutionary changes in Populations: natural selection favors some individuals and not others. Genetic Isolation of new population: Species can evolve, new population don´t reproduce With those of previous ones.

Gradual differentiation: After becoming isolated, new Population accumulates

Speciation: such significant physical differences, no Longer possible for 2 populations to reproduce.

Appearance of Humans: Darwin provide bass of human evolution theory. Characteristics of older primates: eye socked are forward stereoscopic vision, Bones and muscles for climbing, opposable thumb, flat nails.

Hominidae family: Ponginae: large primates upper Limbs. Homininae: great apes similar characteristics as ponginae.

Humanization process: Characterised by their ability To maintain upright position, bipedalism originated in some groups of primates.

Homo habilis: 2.5 million years ago. Able to walk Upright. Homo ergaster: 1.9 million years ago. Complex social relationship. Homo erectus. 1.6 million years ago. Able to use fire. Homo antecessor: 900000 Years ago. Features similar to the ones modern humans. Homo Neanderthalensis:200000 years ago. Able to make knifes. Homo sapiens: 200000 Years ago. Cave paintings are expression of artistic ability.


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