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the outbrak of french revolution.
the faiures of the old regime: in france: social  unrest the third estate resented the privilege estate. The wealthy bourgusy was frustrated by its lack of political power.The economy:a tax crisis was caused.The enlightment:the political thoughts of the enlightemnt encourage people to question royal autority.
attemts at reform only made things worse.
the rise of the third state:
an assembely of notables rejects reforms in 1787. The king called the estates-general assembely of all three states .People presented their problems in lists of grievance.In june,the representative of the third estateformade a national assembely. They meet in an indoor tnnis court and look the tennis court oath .After that,they became known as the national constitutent assembely.

the end of the old regime 1789-1791:
in july an agust 1789, opposition to the old regime became more radical. On 14th july 1789 the people pf paris attacked the bastille.Following the capture of the bastille the national constituent assembly introduced a series of measured that marked the enf of the old regime.On 4th of agust -1789 it abolished feudal rights .
-few days later publishe the declaration of the rights of man and the citizen.
- september 1791 frances first written constitution ended royal absolutism,estiblishing a constitutional monarchy. Under the separation of powers.

opposition to the constitutional monarchy 1791-1792:
a legislative assembly was formded in october 1791 and france now had a cconstitutional monarchy.
-ther was fierce oppostion from the nobillity and the clergy
-other groups belived that the reforms did not go far enough.These radical revoluionaries were supported by the sans-culottes.

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