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Burriana is a small town in Castellón. It has over 35,000 people. In the center of the city there is an orange museum and a church called el salvador. It is a quiet city and has beach. In summer there are many people, people stroll along the promenade, sunbathe and sit on the terraces of the bars. Typical festivals are "Fallas" and bulls. This gives much atmosphere to the city and money to the shops. In winter there are few people on the beach and there are more people in the city. For the young there are few places of leisure, there are two pubs and there are no discotheques. The truth is that they could do more party. In summer they make a festival called Arenal Sound. People are going to see their favorite bands and then drink a few drinks. In this period festival there are many young people in the city. I think my city is lovely.

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