When headwind component increases, take-off distance will

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frictionA force that always opposes motion types: fluid It happens when a body moves in a fluid like water or air. It's due to the opposition of the fluid particles to separating, reducing by changing the shape body. solid It happens when two solid bodies come into contact. It is due to the irregularities of the bodies that come into contact. Reducing: Adding a liquid between the two bodies gravity A force that acts at a distance between two bodies that have mass. It increases with the value of these masses and decreases with the distance that separates these bodies. characteristics There is no need to contact between the bodies, It increases with the mass of the bodies, It decreases with distance, It always goes towards the centre of the bodies weight the force with which a planet attract us light time The distance that light travels in that time.Speedtravelslight300000km/s

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