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To make: UP---To invent / To Put on cosmetics

To pick: UP---To Take something from the floor / To collect

To put:  BACK---To Replace . IN---To insert .         OFF--To postpone

DOWN--To Set down/To take down / write Down .

ON---To Wear/To Switch on           OUT--- To Switch off /To extinguish

UP WITH---To Stand

To run: ACROSS---To meet by Chance .          AFTER---To Pursue

AWAY---to escape .          INTO---to Crash into / To Meet by chance

OUT OF---To Exhaust supplies .            OVER---to Collide with

To ring: UP---To Phone         To sort: OUT---To put in Order

To stand: UP---To Get up

To take:AFTER---To Look like/ to resemble 

DOWN---To put down / write down

OFF--To Get undressed / To Depart       .      OUT---To Withdraw

UP---start Practicing something regularly / To Lift

To switch: ON---to turn on    .            OFF---to turn off

To tell: OFF---To scold             To think:OVER---To think about

To Throw: AWAY---To discard        .        OUT---To expel

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