What happened to a good man with his son

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the work is a king who is killed, i the only one who knows this is his son killed. The murderer of King inherits the throne because he married the mother of this prince. In all the work he vee in this dilemma confronting the murderer of his father or act as if nothing had happened.

Claudio killed his brother, the king of Denmark, with a poison. Claudio sits the enthroned and marries his brother's wife. Ghost King appears in the view of hamlet. Hamlet promises to avenge his father Claudio. Hamlet pretends to be mad. In the palace everyone thinks he has maddened by his love for Ophelia.
Hamlet does a work of drama before the king Claudius. Hamlet in a scene reproached her mother have forgotten so fast her first husband. Thinking himself kills Polonius is Claudius. Hamlet is sent to England, Claudio sends a letter saying that kill Hamlet just when I get to England, but pirates hijack it and send it to Denmark alive.
When he gets there, Hamlet goes to the burial of Ophelia.
The brother of the girl, has returned to avenge the death of polonium. By order of the king are separated, secretly it makes Hamlet and Laertes meet in a battle of weapons. Leartes poison puts his sword and with it traverses Hamlet, but this, before, he died kills Laerpes and  Claudio. His mother drinks the cup where she also had poison 
and dies

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