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EJERCICOS 3-Ismael-Kwee Kweg

1-Why Did ismale decide to become a sailor?

-Because he was Very unhappy with his life in New York

2-Why Was Ismael frightened of Kwee-Kweg?

-Because he Started to jump and he had a hatchet and he was a stronger and a Crazy harpooner.

3-How Did Kwee-Keg react when he discovered Isgmael in his bed?

-Kwee-Kweg jumped And asked Ishamel who are you? If you don´t tell me. I´ll Kill you

4-Why Did Ishamel and Kwee-Kweg talk to Captain Peleg?

-They wanted to Go in their next voyage with him.

5-How Did Kwee-Kweg show he was a good harpooner?

-He threw a Harpoon in a bit of oil thinking it was the eye of a whole

6-What Happened to the Pequo´d captain on the last voyage?

-He lost his leg In a fight with a great whole, Moby Dick 


1-What Did the captain of the Rachel want from Ahab?

-He Wanted that Ahab helped him with his son

2-What Was Ahab´s response?

-He Said I´wont´t leave until you agree to this favour

3-Why Didn´t Ahab go down to his cabin at night?

-Because He was afraid of seeing Moby Dick

4-What Is the significance of the birds?

-The Birds mean a bad sign,in a superstitious way

5-What Happened after Moby Dick´s tooth caught on the side of the boat?

-The Boat broke into two pieces

6-Some Of the Pequod´s sailors fell into the sea during...

-They Were rescued from the water 

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