The great circle track measured

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Film: Perceive with eyes and ears sounds and images, helps to fear.

Literature: Author great capacity for making you imagine the scene (details) for fear. 

Video games: Option of interact with the story, make some decisions.

Orwellian: situation, idea, or social condition identified as being destructive. Ex: North Korea, Turkey, Turkmenbashi and Eritrea.

Totalitarian gov (1984 historical context): Spain, Germany, and the Soviet Union (have “iron curtains” around their populations, suppressing their freedoms and strictly controlling their actions).

Authoritarianism: Form of government with a strong central power and limited political freedoms, autocratic or committee. Development: no highly developed guiding ideology

Modern Orwellian Issues: Post truth society (change truth), authority lack. Ex: Perú, comercio, gov.

Mass surveillance: spy population, TV monitoring, email interceptions and computer and phone hacking or track. Technology: effective on improving security or Invasion of privacy. China: Cameras, digital footprint, Monitor say and think, cameras know who you are, punishment for bads, digital dystopia and dictatorship.

Radical: Something extremist or very different from anything that has come before.

Idea dangerous: when it is acted, consequences.

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