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Pres simp=>pas simpl:I train=>he said he trained

pres cont=>pas cont: I’m having=>he said he was having 

pres perf=>past perf: We haven't seen it=>they said they hadn't seen it 

past simpl=>past perfect: I met her=>he said he had met her 

can=>could /will=>would / must=>had to / may=>might Said to me / told me

Ord.Indirectas: Sujeto + [told/asked/advised/warned] - Objeto + to + inf. (She said to me, 'Be quiet, please->She told me to be quiet')

Or. Interrogativas: Wh- no:S + asked+ Ob./want to know/know/wonder/not know (if/wheter) * Wh-: S + (asked/wondered/wanted to know/didn't know) wath i was doing.

V.Int.PorThat: admit/agree/claim/complain/explain/insist /promise/remind/reply/say/suggest/warn/tell-Ob.


Work ---------------------> worked 

Doing ---------------------> was doing 

Have been to ------------> had been to 

wrote ---------------------> Had written 


Can -----------------> Could 

Will --------------> would 

must / have (got) to ------------> had to 

May -------------- might 


This -----------------------------> that 

Here ----------------------------> there 

today ---------------------------> the day 

yesterday --------------------> the next day 

tomorrow ---------------------> following day 

Toninght ----------------------> that night 

Tomorrow morning --------> The following morning 

yesterday afternoon ----- The previous afternoon 

next ---------------------------> following you 

last ----------------------------> the previous 

Aug ---------------------------> before

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