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Hi ...,

It's great to hear from you after long! How are you doing? I's so excited to get in touch with you.

Well, here I am in (lugar). Everything's going OK. The new house is cool, but I still haven't learned the language. The (el idioma en cuestion) is so difficult to understand, but I'm getting classes. I make new friends, they are all of my new class. How goes there? I saw in Facebook that you have got new team , why?

Also, I thing you get a new (girlfriend) ;), who is that (girl)?, she comment all you your photos whit a 'I love you (nombre) <3'. It's="" amazing,="" good="" news="" (nombre),="" it="" was="" love="" at="" first="" sight?="" or="" you="" were="" dating="" so="" much="">3'.>

Anyway, next summer I will return to (pais) for couple weeks. Why don’t you come up too? And I meet you (girlfriend)?. By the way, send me a message something and left me know what your plans are.

Write soon!


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