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. Rewrite the following sentence using: Simple Present, Present Continuous, Simple Past,Simple Future and Present Perfect.

We/watch tv/ all night.

a. We watch tv all night.

b. We are watching tv all night.

c. We watched tv all night

d. We will watch tv all night

e. We have watched tv all night

6. Write these nouns in the singular.

Dictionaries: Dictionary

Matches: Match

Parties: Party

Dresses: Dress

Countries:  Country

Children: Child

Cities: City

Brushes: Brush

7. Write an X next to the incorrect Sentences.

Jennifer and Susan works in a kindergarten. X

Tom brush his teeth after lunch and dinner. X

Mr. Briggs Drinks a cup of hot cocoa every morning.

Camila study Painting in the School of Fine Arts. X

Dr.Brown and his wife rent a house on the beach in the Summer.

.Complete the sentences. Use a superlative or a comparative

Lake Ontario is (THE DEEPEST) Lake Superior (deep)

Pablo is (THE FASTEST) runner in the class (fast)

Athens is (OLDER THAN) Rome (old)

Ronald is (THE MOST GOOD LOOKING) man in the office (good looking)

Oslo is (COLDER THAN) Madrid. (cold)

Dr. Smith (THE MOST EFFICIENT) doctor in the clinic. (efficient) 

Write sentences using Would or Wouldn’t

  1. I /like to have/a big car.

I would like to have a big car

  1. Mary/like/to sing in front of Many people.

Mary would like to sing in front of Many people

  1. He/ not / like to be / a pop Star.

He wouldn’t like to be a pop star

10. Delete the incorrect verb.

It IS a hot today.

Mary WAS in Philadelphia Yesterday.

You WERE in London last year.

We ARE in Mendoza right now.

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