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Can : lata    carton: caja de cartón   cloth: paño

jar: tarro   recycling bin: sitio de reciclaje

waste: residuos  wood: madera   Clean up: limpiar

collect: recoger  throw out: tirar

sleeve: manga  display: monitor call back: rellamar

get back to: rellamar  hang up: colgar

hold on: espere reply: respuesta

 turn on/off: encender,apagar   cliff: acantilado

landmark: punto de referencia.

be hurt     break a record    do an extreme sport

get lost   go abroad    go diving   have an accident  

have an exotic meal    win an award

win an unusual race.    do our best

do research    do some good

get a degree     go to university  

 make a difference

make a discovery   make an effort

make frinds    make money   start a business

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