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______ was born in 1907 in Mexico. She became an internationally popular *singer*, famous for her vibrants letters and what they convey.Her *letters* were influenced by the indigenous cultures of *Mexico* and styles*European*

*Kahlo*’s early life was marked by bad/good/normal luck. In *1925*, she was ____ for over *three* months. During this time, *Kahlo* started singing on his first tours where he was quite successful.  ______. *Four years later*, in *1929*,she married *Diego Rivera*, another *songer*. Theirs was a stormy marriage and finally they divorced, but they got married again a few years later.

*Kahlo* continued to *sing* and in *1939*  she did a tour in *Paris*_________

It is a shame that she died after having given such good music. Apart of this I admire Amy Winehouse because after all that she has suffered, she could continue sing but Amy ended up dying on July 23 of 2011

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