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1_ 1. This book was sent to me yesterday by Jack

     2. Facebook is used by millions of people
     3. Two new schools will be built in my town next year by them
     4. It is accepted that wind power has lots of advantages by people
     5. A new smartphone is going to be released next year by the technology company
2_ 1. John designed the app himself
2. Helen and Emma like to test one another on science facts because it helps them remember
     3. I'm going to buy myself a new dress
     4. The children can't go to the cinema by themselves
     5. We built a garden shed by ourselves
3_1_ 1. What would you have bought if you had won the lottery?
         2. Do you feel tired when you don't do enought exercise?
         3. We wouldn't have met in that café and got chatting if i had moved from my flat
        4. I would eat more vegetables if i liked them.
        5. If only we had gone on that holiday when we had the money
4_1_ 1. Wave energy will be used to power 10,000 homes
         2. I had my bike repaired
         3. After eating the fish i began to feel sick
         4. Alex knows how to get things done
         5. Katie is getting used to living without life's luxury
4_2_ 1. If we don't hungry, we will missed the bus
         2. I'll go for a run, but only if you came with me
         3. If i had known you were ill i wouldn't have asked you to help me
         4. We'll go to the beach tomorrow unless the weather is bad
         5. If only i had studied.
5_ 1. I didn't have my hair cut yesterday
     2. Do you have your house decorates often?
     3. We had our forniture delivered last week
     4. My uncle doesn't have his house cleaned every week
     5. Rachel has her car washed every three months
6_ 1. I didn't my hair cut yesterday 
     2. Do you have your house decorated often?
     3. We had our forniture delivered last week
     4. They have their house cleaned every week
     5. Rachel doesn't have her car washed for three months
7_  1. I didn't have much money left after
          I had bought the scooter
      2. The film had already started by the time we arrived at the cinema
      3. Euan didn't play football on Saturday because he had sprained his ankle that morning
      4. I hadn't seen the advert before i bought the crisps 
      5. Molly told us she had seen Alex at the party last friday
8_ 1. Have dropped
     2. Have studied
     3. Has been waiting
     4. Haven't been married
     5. Haven't seen

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