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¡Escribe tu texto Grammar present continuous tense 

I am eating food (yo estoy comiendo)
are you eating? (estas comiendo)
Stative verbs
I hate sport (odio los deportes)
Simple past tense 
He rented a car (el rento un carro)
Simple past tense of "to be"
he was tired (el esta cansado)
the party was not good 
( la fiesta no esta buena)
Sensory verbs 
smell (huele)
Feel (siente)
look (ve)
taste (sabe)
sounds (se oye)
Future "be going to"
we are going to buy a new car
( nosotros vamos a comprar un carro nuevo
will for predictions and inmediate decisions
will it be windy? ( ira a estar vientoso)
Frozen= congelado 
windy= ventoso
coal= carbon
rope= cuerda
lot of damage= mucho daño
self aware= precavido
global trade= intercambio global
pag.57-20                                                   pag.5-2                            
what are the twins doing?                            Where is Sean from?
a=we are playing soccer                              pag.9-6
pag.61-24                                                   what does Graham do?
Does Adrian want to try rock climbing?      a= Graham is a policeman and
a= so it is expensive and dangerous. Well,    working sometimes its boring
I think it is a crazy. Definite not for me        Does MIa work on Saturday?
pag. 69-25                                                  a=she finishes work at twelve
who long did Maria stay in Venice?             o'clock on a Saturday 
a= We stayed for five nights                        afternoon and watch Tv or 
pag. 73-29                                                  go to the movie 
what was good about the vacition?             pag.21-10
a=not really. I had a bad stomach an          Does Chuck have a family meal
could not eat some vacation                       on New Year's Eve?
pag. 97-6                                                    no, have no party at Christmas
Is Kiri going to go to the beach?                 but it they have a New Years 
a= well, maybe I can study for the              party
 test tonight and I can not the laundry       pag.29-11
when we come back                                   who does the bag belong to?
                                                                    the bag belong to a women
                                                                    why is here
Pag.33-14                                                  pag.49-19
what does Claudia want from the              can Pat eat popcorn?

United States?                                            a=if 

what do you need to make a Spanish omelet?
a=to make Spanish omelette need olive oil, 
also we need potatoes, a large onion, 
a red pepper and four eggs.

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