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-Introduction (whats happening? / personal view: books tablet

-3 reasons why books are better: more confortable to study - you dont depend on the Internet or battery - too much information on different websites which is not always true

-2 reasons why tablets are also good: you can obtain more information than the one written on the book - if you have doubts you can search for the answer on internet       *distraction

-Conclusion: rethorical question / conditional (future) 

The topic of the different ways of studying nowadays is one which often causes a great deal of discussion especially among adolescents. Many people believe that studying by book is better an so I do, but on the other hand, there are people that don´t like this traditional way of studying.

First of all, I´d like to begin by saying that studying through books and paper has lots of advantages, for example, for me and for the majority, I believe, it´s more confortable to study through it because you can write down your personal notes and highlight them so that you can study in a clear way. Also is better because you don´t have to be worried because of the battery or the wi fi connection. In addittion you should know that the Internet is a really huge website with loads of information and sometimes not everything that is written there is true.

Nevertheless, having a tablet also makes things easier during the class, for instance if you want to know more about the topic you´re studying, you can obtain more information from the internet so that you increase your knowdeledge. Besides, if you have any doubts or aspects that you dont understand, you can search for the answer on a website . But despite this positive points, I would say that been working with technological devices can distract students in class from their homework

To sum up, I agree that sometimes the internet can be helpful but, if learning by using books has always worked, why should we change such an effective method? 

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