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settle in- otro paiz, extrañar home
fit in- feel like you belong to a group
feel left out- not included yo group
join in- participate in an activity
bond with- linking emotionaly to another people

make eye contact-lean fordwar(hablar)-avoid eye contact-raise your eyebrows-gibe sb a warm smile-cross your arms-sit back-gesture-look nervous- nod your head.

look up-arrange to see sb
turn up-appear
meet up- visit/contact sb
broke up- end a relationship

let sb down-disappoint
get on well with- have a good relationship
stick up for- support
tell on- tell sb that your friend did something wrong
stand by- be loyal
fall out with - stop being friends

full time - part time - unemployed - trainee - resign - salary - employee - apply for a job - qualifications - employer

bumped into - meet by chance/accident
turned into - become
looking into- talk about
go into - investigate

perfect simple= a lot of my friends have decided yo study IT
perfect continuous= i've been thinking about working in banking.(comienza en pasado, no esta completo)

ought to - had better - should

predictions = will, will probably, is likely to, might, might not, probably wont, isnt likely to, wont

have something done. =they also had the settlers removed, i must go and have my hair cut.

be allowed to=permission
not be allowed to)=prohibition
make= obligation

passive = to be + past participle
by (only important people)
furure pasive = will / wont + be + past participle

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