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The last supper was painted by Leonardo da Vinci in 1495. Its style is the realistic and was painted with oil. You can see it in Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan. It is 8 metres long.
In this painting you can see Jesus in the center of a long table and 12 people that are his apostles. They are eating his supper, there are many things on the table for example dishes, glasses, a lot of food... And they are speaken. At the back of the painting you can see windows with a landscape.
In my opinion, the painter wants to express the last supper were one a apostle is going to Jesus. It is a good, and interesting painting. I would like to see.

I like this movie because Despite these difficulties, the main characters don´t give up themselves and they are again with help of Dory.
This is a cartoon film where Marlin is converted in a father on protective. Marlin ashamed Nemo in an excursion and Nemo decides to go get aways from his house. Some divers catch Nemo. During the trip they have many problems but he manages to survive. Finally Marlin manages to find Nemo with Dory´s help.
My favourite person is Dory because she is a good fish with an optimistic heart, who suffers from loss memory. She helps Marlin. Together they overcome many difficulties but Dory always manages to encourage Marlin and do not shop trying to find Nemo despite Not Knowing them at all.
It has a happy luding because the family returns to join despite the difficulties. I recommend this movie because it teaches that you always have to try to help others and never give up.

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