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1)assigment/looked Upto 2make up/in no time at all 3atmosphere/intruders4 on my way/pick Up 5came across/looking for 6decline/increased

2)You'll Spoil this child if you give him everything he wants

2The Guide tour lasts for three hours

3I Can't afford the tuition fees at university

4I felt embarrassed when he criticised my project in front of the entire Class

5They Made good time, so they arrived early

6I'm Noy going to replace this phone until it breaks

7I'm Pleased for John because he finally was able to buy a car

8Endangered Animals need to be protected

9I Hope he hires me because I need a job

3)was Going/stopped 2had already started/got 3im not listening 4thogut/'m Thinking 5will be sitting 6has been reading 7have been trying/haven't Succed 8had gone 9has been learning 10was walking

4Nobody Has been promoted this year

2If We hadn't got lost on the way, we wouldn't have been late

3I'm Having my hair cut (by the hairstylist)

4I Wish you were/could be here with me now

5Ron Wanted to know if/whether/we had enjoyed the concert I/we had gone to The previous night/ the night before.

6You Shouldn't have pointed at that woman.

7I'm Sleeping in their living room, where there's an incredible view of The city

8How Log have you been feeling/felt this way?

9If I were you, I would become a vet.

10Do You know anyone whose car is for sale?

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