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Theory of Panspermia 

BASE  in the old idea of the philosopher Anaxágoras,  S.VI a.C.

the origin of life originate in every place of the universe and goes to the planets in rest of comets and meteorites.

Svante Arrhenius said that the spores or bacterias could create life in rocky rest and in stelar dust if they are in good conditions. 

The panspermia have different versions:

- The natural or hard, witch said that the life spreads in the universe through bacterias very resistant that travel through all the universe over remains of comets and meteorites.

- The molecular or soft, that affirm that all that travel through the universe are not bacteria, if not complex inorganic molecules and when land in the Earth they join with a kind of primordial broth amino acids which caused the chemical reactions that gave place to the life.

- The natural version have a variable that said that the process b 

of the “sowing” the life in the Universe could be controlled by intelligent minds, the life in the Earth and other planets have been cultivated by advanced civilization.

Also there are people that say that the theory of the panspermia isn’t a theory, that it just a hypothesis, because of the things mentioned in the previous lines there are not proved, and anyone apport proof to confirm it

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