Who did George try to find out

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Comer- eat ate eaten

caer- fall fell fallen
Alimentar- feed fed fed
Sentir- feel felt felt
Pelear- fight fought fought
Encontrar- find found found
volar- fly flew flown
Olvidar- forget forgot forgotten
Perdonar- forgive forgave forgiven
Congelar- freeze froze frozen
Conseguir- get got got
Dar- give gave given
Ir- go went gone
crecer- grow grew grown
Colgar- hang hung hung
Tener- have had had
Escuchar- hear heard heard
Esconder- hide hid hidden
Pegar- hit hit hit
mantener- hold held held
Acerse herida- hurt hurt hurt
Guardar- keep kept kept
Saber- Know knew know

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